Our Process

The journey of a Spacewarp rug begins from the moment you place an order. Once you have locked in a design, whether something on our catalogue or your own, we send it to our community of weavers and artisans to start making it by hand. This gives you a rug that is completely unique and yours.

The entire process – from design conception to the choice of materials, processes and techniques – is as respectful as possible towards the environment. Finished rugs are delivered within 5-8 weeks.

Since every spacewarp rug is made-to-order, we minimise wastage, and having such a small inventory means we avoid making and storing products that in turn helps us keep our carbon footprint low.

As a rug design studio, we prefer that the rug design process happens hand in hand with interior design.

This is why we love to get involved right at the beginning of the interior design process. This makes the process smoother, as we work around what you have planned for the space, recommending designs that go with the rest of the décor. This also means that your rug will be ready by the time the rest of the interior work is completed. 


The end result is that you get a rug that simply works, rather than a piece that is an afterthought or something you have to retrofit to your lounge, bedroom or any other space

Customise your Spacewarp

Your Spacewarp rug can often be made in custom sizes and colours to suit your room. Message us with details of the rug you’d like to personalise.

Interior designer or an architect?

We thrive on creative challenges and projects.If you’re a professional looking to partner with us on your next project, we are here to make it happen!

Download Catalogue

More rugs and designs from our projects and collaborations. A good starting point to get inspired. Reach out to us for rug CADS.

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