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Spacewarp functions as a rug design studio, collaborating with interior designers and architects to design custom rugs for different areas — like a living room, lounge, bedroom, conference room or dining room — as part of both residential and commercial projects.

For more detail on collaborating with us on your next project, click here.

For an individual shopper or a rug evangelist, who wish to design their own rug, can do say with ease.

If you have a design, an idea or a story on mind, please write to us on shop@spacewarprugs.com. We’re here to make it happen.


For those who would like us to suggest a rug from our catalogue or design a rug from scratch, all we need is a few details about the space for which you’d like us to design

Select from our catalogue

Customise your favourites spacewarp design to fit your space.

Design rug from scratch

Upload reference


It may be hard or soft furnishing details, furniture or 3D renders furnishing. We will design and craft the rugs that are truly unique to the space.

Either its from your reference or from the bespoke design by us, we will share a rendered design of  your rug with all the details before we start crafting it.


Once you’ve finalises the design, we will the send it to our community of weavers who will craft your rug 

We’ll share regular updates on your rugs on the process an artisan on the process and

Select from our catalogue

You can also start with picking one of our designs from the catalogue. Spacewarp catalogue is a mix of modern and contemporary rugs, and has been carefully curated so that you’re not stuck in a bottomless scroll. 

Once you’ve picked your favourite, we can customise it to any size, color or material that you’d like.

Design rug from scratch

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